Therapeutic diets: treatment and prevention of diseases

Diet for nausea and vomiting in pregnant women - basic rules, composition
If you have nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, following proper nutritional guidelines can help. And only with moderate and persistent nausea...
Diet for duodenal and gastric ulcers – diet No. 1, diet No. 2
When treating duodenal and gastric ulcers, a combination of several therapeutic diets is used. No medicine will help if the patient does not...
Diet for obesity - recommendations, menu, indications, fasting days
The main treatment for obesity is nutritional therapy, fasting days, and compliance with the water and salt consumption regimen.
What to feed a child with constipation?
It is important from the first days of a child’s life to follow nutritional rules that contribute to normal intestinal function.
What to feed a child with diarrhea?
Diet is of great importance for diarrhea in a child and differs in different age groups, with acute and chronic diarrhea.
Diet 5: composition, menu for the day, list of products
Therapeutic nutrition for diseases of the liver and gall bladder or diet 5 can be used for a long time, up to two years. More strict...
Enteral and parenteral nutrition is an effective way to treat the intestines
With enteral nutrition, special mixtures are absorbed through the intestinal mucosa; with parenteral nutrition, they are introduced through a vein into the blood.
Gluten-free diet
A prerequisite for curing celiac disease is strict adherence to the diet. Adhering to this diet is also useful for weight loss.
Therapeutic diet 3
Therapeutic diet number 3, which is recommended for all intestinal diseases complicated by constipation.
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Therapeutic diets and recommended menus for intestinal diseases

The scientific information provided is general and cannot be used to make treatment decisions. There are contraindications, consult your doctor.